1 - My company will be participating in a conference at the city convention center. Therefore, we will not be needing any meeting rooms at the hotel. Can I still use your services?
Definitely. Many of our bookings only consist of guest rooms. It is not a requirement for using our services.
2 - My group is going to Singapore for a meeting. Do you also book hotels overseas?
More than 65% of the group room nights booked have been outside of North America. Having conducted global negotiations, HMI has the cultural knowledge, a multilingual team and practical experience to simplify the contract and minimize your risk.
3 - Do I lose my hotel rewards points if I book rooms through HMI?
Absolutely not. Any points received by the hotel will go directly to you.
4 - Can HMI still book with our company’s preferred hotels?
Yes. We will always involve them in a bidding process along with other hotels in the same category to ensure you are getting the best rates and terms possible.
5 - I am an events coordinator for my company. I need help in sourcing hotels and negotiating the contract, however it is my job to plan the meeting. Will HMI interfere with my work?
No. We present you with hotel options and offer you our suggestions, however the choice belongs to you. In the end, you accept a contract which we have made sure corresponds to your needs and requirements. (please see our list of Services).
6 - If you earn a placement fee from the hotel, does it mean the rate will be inflated to reflect the fee?
No. The fee is absorbed by the hotel and is regarded as a means for increasing their sales revenue. It is simply a cost of doing business. As a result, the commission would not be passed on to you.
7 - Why is this service free? What is the catch?
There is no catch. HMI earns a placement fee from the selected venue therefore you will not be charged.
8 - How does HMI obtain the best hotel contract terms?
Since we deal extensively with major hotel brands and independent properties worldwide, we have the negotiating power and skills to offer you the best terms. In addition, our services are available to you at no cost so you will actually be saving time and money in your travel budget.