Welcome to our new Sustainability program in partnership with myclimate. Sustainability is one of our core values, but today we want to take it a few steps further and make a difference in our great event industry. As sustainability turns into a real protocol that we put at your disposal, this initiative will allow us to be part of the socio-responsible impulses put in place by many companies.
Moving forward, our sustainability protocols will allow us to offer you the following elements:

  • For each request, HMI will use myclimate technology and provide you with a full report on the carbon emissions of all the components of your event, which make it possible to meet at least one of the United Nations sustainability goals.
  • During your entire operation, we will support you with international partners also respecting a working method limiting greenhouse gases during the production of your event.HMI offers its clients the opportunity to organize their event while limiting the impact on the planet andwill support you in this process and guide you through every step of the way.

For many years, as one of the best practices at HMI, we have pointed out hotels that have green initiatives certifications like GreenKey GreenGloble among others. And of course, it will now be part to our presentations.